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This page is intended for those engaged in the partial or total removal of unwanted body hair and the effects there of.

Hair depilation by beautysalon Rita Kuiper in Meppel (Netherlands) also removals of pubic hair

Depilation is mostly a ‘favourite’ activity during the summer and/or for hygienic or practical reasons, or because this is part of a way of life.
If unwanted hair from armpits and legs is generally removed on a regular basis,
excess hair from the bikini line is often only removed out of necessity, as itching is a common culprit afterwards.
You cannot always yourself reach all body areas that you would like to have smooth.
In order to get to these places (back, shoulders, buttocks, backs of thighs and pubic area) you need an acrobatic
body or another person who is willing to assist in removing hair from these areas.
Real problems are encountered in the removal of pubic hair. Shaving becomes a perilous undertaking
- the surface is uneven and a razor can easily slip.
Using depilatory creams in these areas, with mucous membrane, is inadvisable.
Often occurring nuisances after hair removal by means of shaving or the use of depilatory creams are:
redness, irritation, itchiness, razor bumps and ingrown hairs
These unpleasant consequences are chiefly caused by shaving.
Frequent shaving causes hairs to become thicker and rougher.
Stubble pierces the sensitive skin.
Perspiration and stubble cause the sensitive skin to become infected, which in its turn causes razor bumps and pimples.
Irritation is caused through rubbing of body areas, clothing and/or perspiration


There is a solution though for these unpleasant consequences of hair removal, namely WAXING. This method is of course far more unpleasant than shaving, yet the results speak for themselves!
Waxing removes the entire hair, root and all.
This causes the hairs to stay away for longer.

The hairs that come back after weeks do not feel as stubble, but are new hairs that are sparser and much finer.
The combination of waxing and an anti-hair growth capsule gives spectacular results!
Regular use of this capsule or cream reduces hair growth by at least 40%!

Hair removal method Waxing

benen definitiefontharen

First times somewhat painful, though bearable.
Hairs stay away for weeks.
Skin feels smooth.
No irritation, itching, or stubble.
Hairs are removed above skin surface, leaving the root in place.
Hair just continues to grow. After a few days hairs are visible again.
Hair just continues to grow. After a few days hairs are visible again.
Shaving Hairs are removed above the skin surface, leaving the root in place.
Hair just continues to grow.
This ‘topping’ causes the hair to become courser and rougher from the root upwards.
After a day the first stubble can already be felt.
Easy to do yourself, however, not near or on sensitive body areas.

After a year I have found the demand for the total removal of body hair overwhelming.

It has been important to me to meet this demand.
By taking things a step further than most others, I remove ALL unwanted hair.
Make an appointment and have your excess (pubic) hair professionally removed for a great length of time up to the very last hair.
For more information, please e-mail to:Rita
* In the last two years I have received tremendously positive reactions and kind compliments.
However, I have also seen the despair of some people trying to be finally rid of unwanted hair.
In order to be able to help these people I made up my mind after careful consideration and purchased the very latest in permanent hair removal: the IPL-system.
More information about the IPL-system you can find here:
For the most frequently asked questions and answers on waxing (+ price list) Dutch To meet an often asked question there is the opportunity to order all waxing products


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